Sonnenaue pet funeral services in Maintal / Hessen
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The cremation – your pet remains unforgotten

More and more clients have their pets cremated. It offers the advantage to receive the ashes in a pet urn which will remind you of your devoted friend forever.

The transport of your pet to the small animal crematorium happens soon.

There is the possibility to have it individually transported and cremated within 24 hours.

Your pet will receive a certificate and an individual animal number that contains your pet’s data and the choice of cremation. Thus, the identity of your pet can be guaranteed with certainty.

An individual cremation means that your pet is cremated alone. Only the ashes of your pet remain. A fire-resistant firebrick with an individual number is added and remains here during the cremation. You receive the ashes – and only the ashes – of your pet together with the firebrick in an urn of your choice.

You can be present during your pet’s individual cremation and can say good-bye to your pet prior to the cremation. You can even witness when your pet is turned into the cremation oven. Afterwards you receive your pet’s ashes in an urn of your choice.

Your pet’s ashes may be strewn at its favorite place in your garden. There is also the possibility of an individual natural funeral, be it a funeral in the mountains, on the sea, in the air or in the waters of a wild flowing stream.

In addition and free of extra charges you receive the cremation certificate which confirms that these are your pet’s ashes.

During a joint cremation your pet is cremated with other animals. Their ashes are strewn over the forest animal cemetery in Langenselbold. Thus, the circle of life is closed and your pet is returned to the hands of nature. You receive a cremation certificate free of charge.

Sonnenaue pet funeral services in Maintal – your partner, so that your pet remains unforgotten

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