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Forest Animal Cemetery „Auf dem Buchberg“

Natural burial – Forest Animal Cemetery „Auf dem Buchberg“ – a last place of rest and memory for your beloved pet

Our forest animal cemetery is situated right in the middle of a forest of Langenselbold, „ Auf dem Buchberg“. It offers a nice farewell and reminder of beloved pets to animal owners of the regions Main-Kinzig, Rhein-Main, Spessart, Vogelsberg and Taunus.

Precondition for a burial on our forest animal cemetery is the cremation of your pet.

In case of an individual cremation you have the chance to select an idyllic place for the urn grave under the trees. Your pet’s ashes are buried in a biodegradable urn (you will find a respective urn under the header animal urns – urns for ground burials).

In case of a joint cremation your pet’s ashes are strewn over the meadows of our forest animal cemetery. Thus the circle of life is closed and your pet is once again in the hands of nature.

We gladly consult you regarding a natural burial „Auf dem Buchberg“.
Telephone: 06181 – 42 47 231 or 0160 – 90 15 02 99

General information

Prices for an urn grave including burial are 125,00 €,
In case of a joint cremation the strewing of the ashes is free of charge.

The rest period of the urn grave is five years and cannot be prolonged after this period is expired.

It is possible to mark the urn grave, but it is not mandatory. You can mark the grave with a small wooden sign or wooden plate (these can carry your pet’s name as well as its date of birth and death).

The gravesite care is left to nature.

Grave decorations, grave borders or grave crosses are not allowed.

You reach the graveyard by the road between Langenselbold and Niederrodenbach. Just follow the sign „Waldtierfriedhof Auf dem Buchberg“ or „Buchbergturm“. Buchbergturm provides parking places. You will find the graveyard about 200 meters from the restaurant (behind the playground).

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