Sonnenaue pet funeral services in Maintal / Hessen
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Animal funerals are a matter of trust

We take care of your deceased pet as if it were our own one – with dignity and respect. The relationship of mankind and animals is based on an understanding treatment of mankind and a respectful treatment of the deceased animal.

If you make the difficult decision to spare your pet further pain at the veterinarian, you may feel guilty. We can understand this. Now a dignified animal funeral is an important step in letting go.

As a longtime experienced animal undertaker we know what the loss of your pet means to you. It does not matter whether it is a rabbit, a guinea pig, a bird, a cat, a mixed breed or a pure bred dog. Every pet, small or big, with and without family tree, leaves a big gap in your life.

Your trust is important to us. We guarantee absolute reliability, care, transparency and safety while treating your deceased pet.

Pick-up – a dignified first farewell

We pick up your deceased pet at your home or at the veterinarian. You can also bring your pet.

Your pet will be put lovingly into a small basket or into a leak free basin.

Information regarding the pick-up of your dead pet at your home:

  • Keep your pet at a cool place (e.g. dark room or cellar) until pick-up
  • Wrap it into a blanket (preferably its own cuddly blanket) or a big enough towel
  • Add its favorite toy or something similar
  • Put a water-repellent sheet underneath in order to prevent leaking
  • Take off the collar in case you want to keep it as a reminder

Farewell from the loyal pet: love until the last moment

As much as you enjoyed your time with your pet, as painful it is now to say good-bye. No matter when the time comes – it is always too early.

After all the happy years together the moment will come to part from your loyal and beloved companion. The thought of it alone hurts. But it does not help to ignore it.

You have to let go, even though you wish your pet could come back or that you could at least hold it tight.

Letting go is the path we need to take. It will not put more distance to our pet, it will put us closer. In most cases our pet shows, that it wants to take the path over the rainbow bridge into the other world.

The strong bond between man and animal persists beyond death – even though a painful and seemingly never closing gap has opened.

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