Sonnenaue pet funeral services in Maintal / Hessen
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Our prices – cremation for dogs, cats, birds, rodents and reptiles

The following prices include cooling, the transport to the Animal Crematorium and the cremation including the cremation certificate.

Individual cremation with ash return

Your pet is individually cremated. To guarantee the identity of your pet in the urn of your choice without any doubt we add a firebrick with an individual number.

As soon as we receive the ashes we will get in touch with you to arrange an appointment for you to either pick up or get the urn.

Joint cremation without ash return

Your pet is cremated with other animals. The ashes are strewn on our forest pet cemetery in Langenselbold.

Animal weigh
Individual cremation Joint cremation
up to 1 kg 90,00 € 30,00 €
up to 2 kg 140,00 € 50,00 €
up to 5 kg 175,00 € 80,00 €
up to 10 kg 200,00 € 100,00 €
up to 15 kg 225,00 € 120,00 €
up to 25 kg 250,00 € 140,00 €
up to 40 kg 270,00 € 160,00 €
over 40 kg 295,00 € 180,00 €
over 60 kg 320,00 € 195,00 €

Additional services

Of course we will pick up your dead pet at your home or at the veterinarian.

Night surcharge 40,00 €
Sundays and public holidays additional 40,00 €
Appointment cremation, laying out of the pet, presence at the individual cremation at the Animal Crematorium 75,00 €
Cremation certificate free
Individual transport of your pet to the Animal Crematorium and immediate cremation (within 24 hours) Prices on request
Ash return – personal home delivery of the urn Prices on request
Pick-up and transport of your pet for a burial on the animal cemetery in Frankfurt or Bad Homburg (including the keeping/cooling of your pet at our site in Maintal) 90,00 €
Paw print of your pet 44,00 €
Photographs of your pet (4, digital on CD) 25,00 €
Transportation travels to the veterinarian pathology in Giessen Prices on request

All prices include the current VAT of 19 %. Prices are valid from August 2012. All prices are subject to change. Our general terms and conditions apply.

Please ask for our low priced pick-up- and transport-costs charged in form of a flat rate. Of course you may also bring your pet to us.

Urn grave for a natural burial at our forest animal cemetery in Langenselbold 125,00 €.

Please check for current fees for burials and urn burials with the animal cemeteries:

You will find our current prices for burials and inurned cremation for the pet cemetery Frankfurt in our price list.

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